Thanks for visiting KSDBusiness.Website Hosting. We provide personalized WordPress hosting for small business entrepreneurs who seek individualized assistance in creating and maintaining a corporate or an e-commerce website.

Our personalized service includes, therefore, your choice of site installation/design and site hosting/maintenance plans. Essentially, you will be provided full hands-on support to meet your business' website needs.

KSDBusiness.Website Hosting's Administrator - Kaysha Reid

Kaysha has experience in creating small business websites and related content. She has developed and ghost-written both business identity and website specific copy; this includes informational and how-to content covering the areas of beauty and general wellbeing.

As a result of her interests in design and wellness, she also manages a jewelry-making hobby-turned-
business, as well as other content in her spare time.

Kaysha holds a B.Sc. in business administration from the University of Central Florida.

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